Buy Korova Black Bar Brownie

Buy Korova Black Bar Brownie


Korova Black Bar Brownie Almost as good as the Venice Cookie Company 4:20 brownie, this product was a tad drier and a little more crumbly… but I am splitting hairs here. Ingredients: Flour, sugar, brown sugar, cannabutter, chocolate chips e.g..

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Description of Korova Black Bar Brownie

Korova Black Bar Brownie is produced by Korova. Korova dedicates themselves to providing the absolute best cannabis edibles and flower.  On the scene at an affordable price. In additon, Korova is a marijuana company built upon a core philosophy of helping people with medicinal edibles.

furthermore, flower with unrivaled potency and mouthwatering flavor. Setting the high standard for strong potency and smart dosing within the edible market, Korova has been advancing the medical marijuana community, one delicious edible at a time.

This is the most powerful cannabis bar on the market. We are talking about 1000 mg of pure and decadent force. Korova brands this treat as the bar with “unrivaled potency.” And from what I have seen and actually used myself the title seems fair.

And a proud title it is. Because this is the King Kong of the medical edible jungle. And our Korova 1000mg Mint Black Bar Marijuana Edibles Review is ready to swing into action.


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