Hardcore Bullet Bill Dab Rig


Mario doesn’t stand a chance with the new Hardcore Bullet Bill Dab Rig.

This concentrate glass pipe features a souped up version of the villain himself with extra rockets on each side of himself. These 12 orange glass rockets are inside two burnt orange cases on both sides of the brown Bullet Bill. A mouthpiece sticks out the top and features an embellished glass marble. A smokey mortar-like base is held up by three flat, circular feet, for a sturdy stand and also fits in with the rest of the piece. A quartz banger 14mm female nail with carb cap fits on to your 14mm mail joint and leads to an inline percolator complete with three slits to help filter your smoke.

The Hardcore Bullet Bill vape rig is made from American glass.

Joint: 14mm male

Height: 7 inches

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