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Amber Oil = !! This is a thick, viscous translucent oil sold in 1-gram vials (will vary from 0.9-1.1g). It is great smoking with hot knives, in a bong or just for smearing onto your rolling paper. Just heat the vial up with a lighter to make spreading easy.

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Using Amber Oil

Amber Oil: If you wish to enjoy amber as the ancients did, obtain some of the solid resin and incense charcoal. Once the charcoal is hot, crumble or scape a tiny bit of the resin onto the coals. The waxy base will melt, releasing the divine aroma into the air.

Amber Oilmay also be used as a long-lasting personal perfume. Warm the resin to body temperature (using your hands) and rub on the pulse points. You can also carry a piece of amber with you in a small box or locket, allowing the fragrance to slowly dissipate. (Being a solid perfume, amber’s volatile oils evaporate more slowly than conventional perfume. But you’ll still want to keep it in an airtight container when not in use.)

Magickal properties of Amber

Because amber is a diverse fragrance family, its magickal uses are also broad and varied. Ambers may be broadly classified into light, medium, and dark varieties. Generally speaking, the amber fragrance corresponds to Venus and Earth/Fire. Amber has a very powerful energy that evokes both sensual pleasure and ancient wisdom

White Amber oil

This type of amber oil is heavy on the sandalwood and florals—is a smooth, blissful fragrance. It contains more Air and Water energy than darker ambers. Use it in your temple or bedroom space for restful sleep, meditation, and happy dreams.

Dark Amber

has an earthy, sticky, sweetness and loads of exotic spice. (Some perfumers describe them as “chewy,” which really sums up the mouth-watering qualities of full-bodied Ambers!) Use for sex magick, earth magick, dark moon workings, or as a sophisticated stand-in for musk or patchouli.

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